WordPress has three heads!

How to use WordPress.org.  YES!  There are three different types of WordPress’.  I know… who knew?  If you just want to fool around with a personal blog, just go to WordPress.com and set up a quick blog and get started, but if you have a domain name you want to use like I did, www.lyndamcnuttfoster.com, then I had to set that puppy up by going to www.wordpress.org.  Actually, I bypassed that all together and went to www.hostgator.com and bought this super cheap website hosting accounting and had that site upload WordPress for me… much easier!

This stuff will drive you completely nuts if you have an entreprenuer mind like mine.  It’s taken me months to learn enough to even know this much.  I’ll keep passing along knowledge as I get it because small business owners really need to be learning about this WordPress hysteria that’s going on.  Everyone is all distracted by Facebook and the truth is that the business applications for a blog in WordPress will grow businesses much faster.

A huge THANK YOU to one of our Synergy Session leaders, Brian Duvall, for all his help answering all of my questions.

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