Website is up!

Finally… I’ve learned how to create a blog!  It’s taken months of instruction from Fredy (our on-site guru for this sort of thing) and our collaborative guru, Brian Duvall.  With their patience and tutoring, we now have the new Synergy Session website up and running.  The reps that have worked so hard to help pull all the groups together have been angels and patient as well.  No – it’s not perfect yet as Fredy has to come back from paternity leave and make it even better and more beautiful, but now Synergy Session participants have a home they can go to and find out:

  • What sessions are upcoming for the month and year
  • Who leads which group meetings
  • Post recommendations for other Synergy Session participants
  • Submit events with discounts and savings for Synergy Session participants
  • Learn about ways small business owners can save time and money

If you are a Synergy Session participant and haven’t submitted your picture, website address, short description of your business, and contact information, please do so in January.  We want to post all participant information so collaborations can be made easier among your groups and other Synergy groups!

WHOO HOO!!!  The Synergy Nation (as Bob Brudzinski calls it) is coming of age and rockin’ and rollin’. Thanks to all that are part of it, all that have helped with and God for giving me the ability to not fall apart while building it.

If you are a participant of Synergy and have a celebration you’d like to share, send one to

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  1. LyndaFoster says:

    Okay… so there’s all kinds of silly link kinks in this puppy right now. I’ll be rowing down the river just fine and then all of sudden hit a rock that I get stuck on. Have no idea why this article doesn’t show up until you hit “leave a comment”. searching for answers…

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