Synergy Spotlight Sponsor – March 2011

Charlotte Mason, Advantage Resource Group

Charlotte Mason, Advantage Resource Group

Charlotte Mason with Advantage Resource Group is the March Synergy Spotlight Sponsor!

What’s the biggest mistake you see small business owners making in relation to their employee company policy?

They don’t have one.  They often don’t have an employee handbook or other policies in place.

And why is that a problem?

Employees are then not clear on what is expected of them and company guidelines they need to follow so that business and the employee can be successful.

What’s another mistake you see small business owners make in regard to management of their employees?

Lack of employee of motivation and retention policies.  Employees need feedback to know that they are appreciated and are doing their job in a satisfactory manner.  They need to be recognized for their achievements and they need to feel that they are an integral part of the organization.

What is the impact on a business if their employees aren’t continually trained?

Work may not be done in a consistent manner in relation to company policy and procedures and the result of that is potentially poor customer service, customer retention, low efficiency, and slower growth in a competitive marketplace.

Business owners are very busy juggling many different priorities, so they tend to not document things in regard to their employees as well as they should.  What is the potential impact of poor documentation and not keeping up to date on legal requirements?

If business owners don’t comply with State and Federal regulations this can result in fines, some very significant.  I read somewhere recently that since January of 2009, more than 3,200 employers suspected of hiring illegal aliens have been audited for I-9 compliance. This has resulted in $50 million in fines for employers.

Fines can range from $500 with the record being $16,000 for a violation.  I think some small business owners think these types of forms and regulations apply to big business only, but that’s not correct.  All businesses that have employees are subject to many regulations that can carry substantial fines if the company is found in violation.

Synergy Participants can receive:

Free Human Resource Audit.  This audit includes a review of your compliance with state and federal regulations and other HR practices such as hiring, orientation, training, performance evaluation and termination.  Time will be spent onsite reviewing these areas, and a report will be prepared and delivered that summarizes the audit and provides recommendations for improvements, if needed.

Learn more about Charlotte and Advantage Resource Group at each of the sessions this month, listening to WFIR, or contacting her at , or call
(540) 774-9705

Lynchburg is set for Synergy Success!

Today we launched Synergy in Lynchburg and WOW, what a great reception we got from Lynchburg business entreprenuers!  We had a filled to capacity room of bright faces and smart executives who were focused on growing their companies.  We discussed Guerilla Marketing Tactics that Work and learned from one another.

I am so excited to bring Synergy to Lynchburg and appreciate all the effort of Niro and Paul with the Lynchburg Small Business Development Center who helped Angela Noel and I put on the event.

If you missed this event, there are 4 seats available for the series that continues on June 3rd with Internet Marketing as the topic and Brian Duvall as the presentor.  Contact Lynda Foster at or Angela Noel at (434) 401-4080 for more information.

Website is up!

Finally… I’ve learned how to create a blog!  It’s taken months of instruction from Fredy (our on-site guru for this sort of thing) and our collaborative guru, Brian Duvall.  With their patience and tutoring, we now have the new Synergy Session website up and running.  The reps that have worked so hard to help pull all the groups together have been angels and patient as well.  No – it’s not perfect yet as Fredy has to come back from paternity leave and make it even better and more beautiful, but now Synergy Session participants have a home they can go to and find out: [Read more...]

Live and local training for small business owners

If you own a small business or manage one, and are having any degree of success, you probably don’t have the time to go back to college to learn all the things you need to know to run your business today.  You need to know about internet marketing and how it can effect your bottom line, management techniques and strategies for hiring the right people, sales and lead generation tools that work in today’s marketplace to grow your business quickly, which accounting software works best, etc.

We get that and understand where you’re at!  You also don’t have time to spend hours looked at video on the internet just to find out that you STILL don’t understand what they’re talking about.

Synergy Sessions are for you.  They are live and local!  They are only 2 hours in length and they cut right to the chase on what it is you need to know about the topics that effect you and your business right now.

Click around on the site and learn more.  I promise you’re going to enjoy how much you learn and how quickly you will learn it through the Synergy techniques we use in the sessions.


Contact Lynda McNutt Foster for more information at or call (540) 815-1300.