Lunch with Lynda – FREE – May 18th Noon – 130p

Enjoy a lively Lunch with Lynda event on Wednesday, May 18, 2011, from Noon – 1:30pm, at the Roanoke Regional Chamber Building, 210 S. Jefferson Street, Roanoke, VA 24011.

We’ll watch a few short segments of “Shark Tank” (a television show on ABC) and discuss what it takes to build and maintain equity in your company and what makes your company desireable to potential buyers and investors. This event is FREE to Synergy participants and their specially invited guests!


A couple of cools dudes tell restaurants how to make it work with digital marketing

It was cool getting to know Eric Greenspan and Chris Foley at the Convergence 2010 Conference in California last week. I grabbed them at the very end and ask them to give small business owners some practical advice on how to make their marketing work. Eric and Chris run Make It Work and are launching their internet radio show in the fall by the same name. It’s worth the few of this one. 
Eric Greenspan and Chris Foley of

Live Solid Gets It Right!

SunTrust announced it’s newest installment in customer care and service.  They have put their resources and money where it counts in the new information website for consumers…!  What fun!  I loved the interactive surveys and calculators throughout the website.  It was easy to navigate and to understand.  I learned all kinds of things about diet, exercise, investing, and lots of other valuable aspects of my managing my life.  YEAH for SunTrust in spending time and money to serve us far beyond the front steps of their branches.