A couple of cools dudes tell restaurants how to make it work with digital marketing

It was cool getting to know Eric Greenspan and Chris Foley at the Convergence 2010 Conference in California last week. I grabbed them at the very end and ask them to give small business owners some practical advice on how to make their marketing work. Eric and Chris run Make It Work and are launching their internet radio show in the fall by the same name. It’s worth the few of this one. 
Eric Greenspan and Chris Foley of www.makeitwork.com

Speakers Synergy is an amazing idea!

I don’t know how the other Synergy sessions are going (I’m sure they’re all great!); all I know is this that the Speakers Synergy one is such an AMAZING idea!!
     I love that when we get feedback from people who don’t have an agenda, other than to help each other!
Thanks for this great thing you do, and ALL the hard work!

Jeff Scot Philips, CN, PT

Teleclass was excellent!

I’m leading a team of three employees who write our content for our  
social media marketing and now I have a concrete outline for directing  
them, editing their work and the best part, the reasons WHY to do it  
this way.

I took five pages of notes during your 25 minutes of speaking.  It  
will be incredibly helpful in the long term for us.  Thank you for  
hosting such a valuable session, Brian!

Wine Gourmet