David DeHaven of D3 Coaching is fantastic!

You can not build a new enterprise alone.  You just can’t!  You have to have people in your corner willing to help you and your business grow.  The coaching I have received from David has been a key part of building my skills and the Synergy Session program.  David has, on countless occassions, offered me counsel and advice that has propelled the project forward in ways I could not have seen without him.  In fact, in one of our sessions last year he asked me one simple question that was the inspiration for all that was to be created through numerous collaborations that have now been built.

David has also been a strong supporter of Synergy by giving great presentations to our groups last season, at Super Synergy last October, and to upcoming group sessions in 2010.  I love to hear his presentations and learn from each one.  I hope you’ll find time to take advantage of his gift certificate of a free executive coaching session that you’ll receive as part of your new participation package in 2010.  When you do, let me know if you come to rely on him the way I have.