Synergize Your Customer Retention!

Jeanie Patterson

Jeanie Patterson

Getting new customers can cost you 5 TIMES more then retaining your existing ones.

68% of customers will STOP buying your
product or service if they feel UNAPPRECIATED.

Synergize your customer retention now…

Find out more about how you can affordably retain more of your clients and increase your referral rate quickly.
We’ll also show you how you can convert more prospects into sales in a simple, NEW TURN-KEY program.

This is a brand new, turn-key program, available exclusively through Synergize My Business.

Call Jeanie Patterson, Executive Vice President of Synergize My Business at
(540) 798-7282 or to set up your FREE, 1 hour custom consultation.

Free Synergy Teleclass on May 25th

New River Valley Sponsor

Radford University Small Business Development Center

RU Small Business Development Center gets Synergized!

We’re excited to celebrate the recent collaboration between the Radford University Small Business Development Center and the Success Synergy Group in New River Valley!  This groups kicks off it’s Synergy Season February 4, 2010, and invites guests to join them.  A location is being determined this week and we are looking forward to setting the topics for this new Synergy group.  Participants the Success Synergy group will be challenged to create higher levels of success after learning the tools, techniques, and skills presented by exciting educators from our local region.

Click here for your free guest pass to the February 4, 2010 meeting and join Darin Britt’s Success Synergy Session group in the New River Valley this season.

Radford University Small Business Development Center