Master Class: Expand Your Potential

Hi, [wlm_firstname].

Welcome to the Master’s Class Kick-off session.

We’ll outline the framework that we’ll be using for our program together. We’ll work on helping you learn about your potential, what is holding you back and ways to start to expand your potential. We will also get to know all the other participants and start to learn about the resources available to you to help you achieve amazing results in 2012.

Homework to bring to class:

1.  What are three defining moments or points in your professional career that would help others to understand you and your outstanding skill sets better?

2.  What is your Super Power (remember Jeff’s speech)?  If you had to pick one thing that makes you, you and is really unique, what is that?

Lead instructor: Jeff Smith with Lynda McNutt Foster

The presentation and materials are provided below:

All materials of the Master’s Class are copy right of Synergy Sessions and the coaches who created them. These materials are provided for members only and are not to be shared or re-printed without the express written permission of the copy right owners.

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