Jeanie Patterson Spotlight Sponsor – January 2011

 a continuation from WFIR interview with Jeanie Patterson on appreciation marketing.

What are some other tools to help businesses appreciate their customers?

Setting up customer reward systems.  Businesses keep track of what their customer buys and then rewards them based on the amount they are purchasing, like all of the major credit card companies do now.

Another good one is customer appreciate events.  Sometimes that can be as easy as an ice cream social.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, it just has to be executed in a way that your customers feel appreciated by you and your business.

Thanking and rewarding customers for their referrals.   Ignoring the work and effort it just saved you for having that new customer referred to you or business instead of having to go out and obtain it on your own, is worth a lot!

If your a business to business situation, offering to bring your customer a free lunch is very much appreciated.

Don’t forget that your customers have multiple choices of companies to do business with and it’s easier than easier to find them, so appreciate them.

For more information on appreciation marketing, contact Jeanie Patterson at or (540) 798-7282.

If you want to find out how SendOutCards can benefit your business to grow it’s appreciation marketing efforts, attend an learning session at the Holiday Inn, Tanglewood in Roanoke any 1st or 3rd Tuesday from 6:30p-7:30p.  The entry level package to get started using their system is only $99! 

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  1. Brian Duvall says:

    Nice job, Jeanie. I signed up for Send Out Cards about a year ago because direct mail follow-up combined can significantly increase conversion over email alone. I love that you can schedule when you want your follow-up cards to be sent… much like email.

  2. Denny Carr says:

    My wife, Helen, recently signed with SOC. Our business, Kitchen & Bath Gallery, used SOC for our Christmas card mailing. We have heard from a number of our homeowners about the cards, all positive.

    When I received my first SOC, I was really impressed with the quality of the product. Now, I am impressed with the ease of creating a campaign, and ordering the cards.

    I think SOC is a great business for a home based business, but I also feel that if you have a business that is retail or wholesale based, it is a great way to “stay in touch” with your clients. In today’s economy, you must find ways to make your business “different” from your competitor, and I think SOC is just one of those ways.

  3. Robyn says:

    I signed up with SOC because I thought it was a great way to create smart marketing campaigns for my business! The system take a ton of legwork out of the set up and design. On top of that we get paid to refer something we are really happy with! Why wouldn’t we do this!

  4. Linda Skrypek says:

    I love SOC’s ability to send gifts, gift cards and even brownies with your “real card” to show your appreciation even more! There is power in the written word and SOC allows you to send this to your clients and customers right from your own computer. There is no need to go to the store and post office and wait in line. I love the convenience factor and the organization of the system’s contact manager.

    In today’s economy, all businesses need a way to stand out above their competitors. SOC is a valuable tool that allows you to do this. Everyone should have it in their tool box.

  5. I have been using SendOutCards for my business, the Advantage Resource Group. It’s a great way to follow up after a meeting with a potential client or to send a thank you card to a client to show appreciation for their business. It is also a system that my clients can use to show appreciation to their employees by sending birthday cards and using cards as recognition for promotions.

    This is a system that any type of business can use for client appreciation and retention.

  6. Becky Layman says:

    The very first time Jeanie Patterson showed me Send Out Cards I knew it was right for me, It was fun sending Christmas cards with pictures of David on his Harley and us together. I didn’t have to go to the Post Office in the cold! David will be using SOC as the Master of his Masonic Lodge this year. I can stay in touch with the companies that offer my service; I use SOC as a first contact to open new business and for follow up. When you design a card that is just for that person, they know you were thinking of them. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day or just a card saying thanks for their business. I’m excited about this year and the many ways SOC will help me give that personal touch to everyone no matter what the occasion, thanks to Jeanie and SOC for making my life a little easier!!

  7. Bar says:

    A customer appreciation marketing program is ALWAYS a good idea. Its 5 times cheaper to keep your current customers than it is to acquire new ones.

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