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Grand Opening of the Entrepreneur Center in Roanoke, Virginia

Mr. Bill’s Wine Cellar win’s Best of… in City Magazine

Mr. Bill’s Wine Cellar, a participant in our Business Builders One group, just placed in the “Best place to buy a Bottle of Wine” in City Magazine’s latest issue.

Please help us in congratulating Bill Philips!

Mr. Bill’s Wine Cellar

2825-B Brambleton Avenue
(540) 400-7771

Wine Gourmet Toasts the Speakers

Kimberly Eakin - Wine Gourmet

Kimberly Eakin, Owner, Wine Gourmet

Kimberly Eakin, owner of Wine Gourmet, and one of the charter participants of Synergy Sessions has stepped up to toast our speakers by becoming our official Speakers Sponsor!

Wine Gourmet is located at 2219 Franklin Road, Roanoke, VA, 24014 and can be found on-line at www.winegourmet.biz.

Thank you, Kimberly, for stepping up and honoring our fantastic Synergy speakers!

Participant comments on NRV Success Synergy Group

It’s almost been nine months since I was first invited to attend the NRV Synergy Sessions. At first I thought it was just another networking group but it has proved to be so much more. The time I have spent has proven to be incredibly rewarding and nourishing. I leave those sessions knowing I have learnt something practical…something I can do to improve my personal and professional life immediately.

 Allan Tsang

Jeanie Patterson Spotlight Sponsor – January 2011

 a continuation from WFIR interview with Jeanie Patterson on appreciation marketing.

What are some other tools to help businesses appreciate their customers?

Setting up customer reward systems.  Businesses keep track of what their customer buys and then rewards them based on the amount they are purchasing, like all of the major credit card companies do now.

Another good one is customer appreciate events.  Sometimes that can be as easy as an ice cream social.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, it just has to be executed in a way that your customers feel appreciated by you and your business.

Thanking and rewarding customers for their referrals.   Ignoring the work and effort it just saved you for having that new customer referred to you or business instead of having to go out and obtain it on your own, is worth a lot!

If your a business to business situation, offering to bring your customer a free lunch is very much appreciated.

Don’t forget that your customers have multiple choices of companies to do business with and it’s easier than easier to find them, so appreciate them.

For more information on appreciation marketing, contact Jeanie Patterson at sendingrealcards@gmail.com or (540) 798-7282.

If you want to find out how SendOutCards can benefit your business to grow it’s appreciation marketing efforts, attend an learning session at the Holiday Inn, Tanglewood in Roanoke any 1st or 3rd Tuesday from 6:30p-7:30p.  The entry level package to get started using their system is only $99! 

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