When you Start With Why everything else will fall into place

Start With Why was recommended to me twice in two days which is usually my cue to buy it and read it right away.  It brought clear some concepts I have been working on for over a year and a half.  If you own a business you probably started with a WHY that was really powerful for you.  Your WHY could have been to help a certain group of people that you thought were being underserved in the marketplace.  Maybe your WHY had everything to do with a passion you had to improve people’s lives through what you offered or were going to teach people.  Whatever your WHY, it was clear to me that we all, in the day to day grind of running a business, forget our WHY’s sometimes and it’s important to not only be clear about them, but to also remind ourselves of them consistently.  Your WHY is the one gift you’ve been given and will share with your customers and employees.  Your WHY is the reason you opened your business in the first place.  Your WHY will make every decision you have to make easier.  It is your filter for what won’t work for your business.

Remember, embrace, and let your WHY steer you towards the level of success you want to achieve.

Speakers Synergy is an amazing idea!

I don’t know how the other Synergy sessions are going (I’m sure they’re all great!); all I know is this that the Speakers Synergy one is such an AMAZING idea!!
     I love that when we get feedback from people who don’t have an agenda, other than to help each other!
Thanks for this great thing you do, and ALL the hard work!

Jeff Scot Philips, CN, PT

NRV quickly builds powerful relationships through Synergy

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing Synergy to the NRV. I am really looking forward to some powerful relationships. The synergy of the group already is really fun and interesting. Most of these people, I would never have the opportunity to meet and learn from– so thank you for that as well.”

Mandi Martinez
Practice Manager
Radford Animal Hospital

NRV gets an audacious start yesterday!

“Look out world! I attended one of Darin Britt’s synergy seminars today on Guerilla Marketing and came away with lots of big, hairy, audacious ideas. It was fun.” 
Mary Wright, Broker  
NRV Gateway Realty