Writing the Right Bio

Priscilla Richardson

Priscilla Richardson

by Priscilla Richardson, MA, JD ©2011

How do you write a SHORT bio?

You’ll find it very easy to write a long bio for Lynda. You go in order, starting with birth to the present, and list everything important. Complete? yes. Bo-o-oring? YES.

So how do you write a bio that gives the info to establish you as the expert you are and yet keep it SHORT? Start with your list of events from birth on. Just make a list, don’t worry about sentences. Then go thru the list and see what you can leave out – maybe the way you showed mechanical aptitude at age two with your toy wrench can go, but your sales record at Widget Inc. should stay.

Test every bit on the list for relevance. If your degree in physics boosts your authority about remodeling, use it. If not, don’t.
Consolidate others. Instead of separate items covering each of your education experiences, for example, say, “Upon graduation from college Sparky sold 16 thousand widgets in one year, beating the sales record to date.” For the most part, until you get to be President of General Motors, or the United States, leave out job titles. Include accomplishments.

OK, you’ve pared down your list.

Now, go to the WHY. Why should an audience member want to hear from you? Will she learn a skill? A new way to sell? Just what?
Take Sparky. “Sales whiz Sparky will share his way of getting a prospect to buy.” Or, “Sparky will give you a check list of ‘must do’s’ to get that sale.” Now, the listener is getting ready not just to listen but to listen and learn.

With these two: accomplishments, plus reasons for the audience to pay attention, you have the bones of a great SHORT bio. Then all you need is a little fun, a little extra, to make you both human and memorable. Maybe start with it, work it in, or end with it. But use it.

You’ll need SHORT bios for many different reasons, including your introduction before you speak. Play with them, tweak them. And let them show the fun part of you, too.

Facebook controls your Fan Page – make no mistake

Just a “business beware” article that you need to check out.  Doesn’t mean you need to change anything you’re doing, but you might want to have a Plan B at all times.

Here’s the link to the full story:  Facebook shuts down Realtor Fan Page without notice

A couple of cools dudes tell restaurants how to make it work with digital marketing

It was cool getting to know Eric Greenspan and Chris Foley at the Convergence 2010 Conference in California last week. I grabbed them at the very end and ask them to give small business owners some practical advice on how to make their marketing work. Eric and Chris run Make It Work and are launching their internet radio show in the fall by the same name. It’s worth the few of this one. 
Eric Greenspan and Chris Foley of www.makeitwork.com

Internet Marketing Pioneer, Jeffrey Eisenberg, explains what makes small business owners successful

Jeffrey Eisenberg explains, in real, raw, talk, what he thinks makes a small business successful. Jeffrey Eisenbergy is a two-time New York Times best selling author and Internet Marketing pioneer.

Jeffrey Eisenberg:

WordPress has three heads!

How to use WordPress.org.  YES!  There are three different types of WordPress’.  I know… who knew?  If you just want to fool around with a personal blog, just go to WordPress.com and set up a quick blog and get started, but if you have a domain name you want to use like I did, www.lyndamcnuttfoster.com, then I had to set that puppy up by going to www.wordpress.org.  Actually, I bypassed that all together and went to www.hostgator.com and bought this super cheap website hosting accounting and had that site upload WordPress for me… much easier!

This stuff will drive you completely nuts if you have an entreprenuer mind like mine.  It’s taken me months to learn enough to even know this much.  I’ll keep passing along knowledge as I get it because small business owners really need to be learning about this WordPress hysteria that’s going on.  Everyone is all distracted by Facebook and the truth is that the business applications for a blog in WordPress will grow businesses much faster.

A huge THANK YOU to one of our Synergy Session leaders, Brian Duvall, for all his help answering all of my questions.