Participant comments on NRV Success Synergy Group

It’s almost been nine months since I was first invited to attend the NRV Synergy Sessions. At first I thought it was just another networking group but it has proved to be so much more. The time I have spent has proven to be incredibly rewarding and nourishing. I leave those sessions knowing I have learnt something practical…something I can do to improve my personal and professional life immediately.

 Allan Tsang

Are you at a manic pace running your small business?

It’s our goal at Synergy to take manic small business owners and turn them into magic-makers. It’s the “magic” that you wanted to create when you first opened your small business that you’re probably missing. You wanted to succeed, have balance in your life, and find your true purpose, right? If you’re reading this than you probably know that there’s a tool or technique that might help you get back to the feelings you had when you started your business.

Do not let another month go by without finding out how Synergy can help you, like it has so many others, to not only grow their business but find their purpose and balance they were seeking.

Some of our business owners saw a 35% increase in 2010 in net profit! That’s money is on the bottom line, where it matters.

Are you a unicorn in a balloon factory?

I was listening to Tribes by Seth Godin recently and he talked about challenging the status quo in a company or in an industry.  He said that innovators are like a “unicorn in a balloon factory”.  The status quo doesn’t want us to change what they are doing or how they do it.  They walk around taking up as much space as they can and use words like tradition, say things like “that’s what has been successful for us in the past”.

Synergy participants are unicorns, not balloon factory workers.  Business owners in Synergy are innovators who know that learning is for a lifetime and have a strong desire to produce something more than profits – they want to make a difference.

Are you a unicorn?  If you are then you are going to love Synergy.  If you like to use the same, exact, tools that you have for years and years and believe those to be enough for your future success, then you’re probably not going to get why Synergy participants are just so proud of why they are involved in the program.

2011 can be better than 2010 – It’s Up To You!

What are your goals and aspirations?  If you are determined to achieve them, then sign up now for Synergy Sessions and get started in January, 2011.

It’s not too late to get connected, stimulated and inspired through these peer educational forums that make you dig deep and motivate you to move beyond your current success to a higher peak performance.

Call Lynda Foster today at 540  815   1300 for more information or text that number.  You can also send a note to

You can make your 2011 be better than 2010, you just need to take action now!


You provide the goals – we provide the information, education, motivation and inspiration to help you reach them!  Sign up now for Business Builders I or II, NRV or Lynchburg Synergy groups!  You must register before October 31, 2010 to receive the current pricing and payment allowances offered.  There are seats available in each of the groups, but they are filling fast.  Go to for more information.

Super Synergy – Register now!

Register here for Super Synergy!  Find out all the information here!  To get the best discounts possible, register before September 30th, 2010.

When you Start With Why everything else will fall into place

Start With Why was recommended to me twice in two days which is usually my cue to buy it and read it right away.  It brought clear some concepts I have been working on for over a year and a half.  If you own a business you probably started with a WHY that was really powerful for you.  Your WHY could have been to help a certain group of people that you thought were being underserved in the marketplace.  Maybe your WHY had everything to do with a passion you had to improve people’s lives through what you offered or were going to teach people.  Whatever your WHY, it was clear to me that we all, in the day to day grind of running a business, forget our WHY’s sometimes and it’s important to not only be clear about them, but to also remind ourselves of them consistently.  Your WHY is the one gift you’ve been given and will share with your customers and employees.  Your WHY is the reason you opened your business in the first place.  Your WHY will make every decision you have to make easier.  It is your filter for what won’t work for your business.

Remember, embrace, and let your WHY steer you towards the level of success you want to achieve.

Synergy Social August 6th from 4:30p-7:30p

This fun, drop-in event will be at Tom Tanner’s house at Smith Mountain like on August 6th from 4:30-7:30p. Participants of Synergy are welcome to bring a pre-approved guest to the event. You must RSVP for this one, so please register below:

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