Master’s Class Session 1 – Tuesday Jan 10 9a-Noon

The Synergy Master’s Class 2012 starts Tuesday, January 10, 2011 from 9a-Noon at the Higher Education Center for registered participants.

This exciting new program combines the power of individual coaching, peer-to-peer learning, interactive group sessions, an overnight retreat, teleclasses and more for 30 business owners that will embark on a goal reaching course to higher profitabilities and sustainable levels of business and personal health.

Lead by Jeff Smith, Dr. David DeHaven, Kate Steinbacher and Lynda McNutt Foster, this comprehensive course will take flight based on curriculum that the participants will choose at the dates and times of their choosing.  Never offered before, and certainly not at the prize awarded participants for this initial year, this program is an economical way to achieve the results for their businesses and themselves that they could only dream possible before now.

If you would like to find out more and register to be on the waiting list, please contact Lynda McNutt Foster at (540) 815-1300 or

Tues, Jan 10 8a-Noon Expand Your Potential Begins
We’ll outline the framework that we will be using for our program together. We will work on helping you learn about your potential, what is holding you back and ways to start to expand your potential. We will also get to know all the other participants and start to learn about the resources available to you to help you achieve amazing results in 2012.

Click here for the complete schedule.

FREE Synergize Workshops for Small Business Owners

FREE Synergize Workshops will be held on November 2nd, 7th and the 17th for business owners at 210 S. Jefferson Street, Roanoke, in the Roanoke Regional Chamber building on the main floor training center.  Lunch is being ordered and will be provided.
This is a small group workshop where we’ll be discussing:
The easy 4-step process for getting and keeping new customers
How to set your budget and priorities for marketing your company
How to create profitable collaborations with other business owners
Ways to find out what your biggest competitors are doing right that might be costing you sales
You’ll have an opportunity to meet the other business owner attendees and enjoy a free lunch.
 To sign up, simply go to



Save the date for Super Synergy event in Roanoke, VirginiaSuper Synergy 2011!

Writing the Right Bio

Priscilla Richardson

Priscilla Richardson

by Priscilla Richardson, MA, JD ©2011

How do you write a SHORT bio?

You’ll find it very easy to write a long bio for Lynda. You go in order, starting with birth to the present, and list everything important. Complete? yes. Bo-o-oring? YES.

So how do you write a bio that gives the info to establish you as the expert you are and yet keep it SHORT? Start with your list of events from birth on. Just make a list, don’t worry about sentences. Then go thru the list and see what you can leave out – maybe the way you showed mechanical aptitude at age two with your toy wrench can go, but your sales record at Widget Inc. should stay.

Test every bit on the list for relevance. If your degree in physics boosts your authority about remodeling, use it. If not, don’t.
Consolidate others. Instead of separate items covering each of your education experiences, for example, say, “Upon graduation from college Sparky sold 16 thousand widgets in one year, beating the sales record to date.” For the most part, until you get to be President of General Motors, or the United States, leave out job titles. Include accomplishments.

OK, you’ve pared down your list.

Now, go to the WHY. Why should an audience member want to hear from you? Will she learn a skill? A new way to sell? Just what?
Take Sparky. “Sales whiz Sparky will share his way of getting a prospect to buy.” Or, “Sparky will give you a check list of ‘must do’s’ to get that sale.” Now, the listener is getting ready not just to listen but to listen and learn.

With these two: accomplishments, plus reasons for the audience to pay attention, you have the bones of a great SHORT bio. Then all you need is a little fun, a little extra, to make you both human and memorable. Maybe start with it, work it in, or end with it. But use it.

You’ll need SHORT bios for many different reasons, including your introduction before you speak. Play with them, tweak them. And let them show the fun part of you, too.

2011 can be better than 2010 – It’s Up To You!

What are your goals and aspirations?  If you are determined to achieve them, then sign up now for Synergy Sessions and get started in January, 2011.

It’s not too late to get connected, stimulated and inspired through these peer educational forums that make you dig deep and motivate you to move beyond your current success to a higher peak performance.

Call Lynda Foster today at 540  815   1300 for more information or text that number.  You can also send a note to

You can make your 2011 be better than 2010, you just need to take action now!

Super Synergy – Register now!

Register here for Super Synergy!  Find out all the information here!  To get the best discounts possible, register before September 30th, 2010.

Synergy Social August 6th from 4:30p-7:30p

This fun, drop-in event will be at Tom Tanner’s house at Smith Mountain like on August 6th from 4:30-7:30p. Participants of Synergy are welcome to bring a pre-approved guest to the event. You must RSVP for this one, so please register below:

RSVP at: