June Spotlight Sponsor – Ellen Sanders, ES Consulting

SPECIAL OFFER TO ALL SYNERGY participants during the month of June from our Spotlight Sponsor!

ES Consulting Solutions, LLC
Ellen Sanders

Offer Expires: August 31, 2011
Free two to three hour safety and recordkeeping audit.

Audit is designed to review the follow:
*OSHA 300 logs
*Worker’s Compensation evalution
*Training Requirements
*Safety Handbook
*Facility walkthrough

WFIR interview with Ellen Sanders by Lynda McNutt Foster:

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What is the biggest mistake you see small business owners make when it comes to meeting OSHA requirements?

Owners may be aware of regulations but aren’t sure how to go about or even identify safety issues and apply them to their own business. This can greatly affect the company’s profitability, worker retention and engagement.

What types of fines can a business owner get a result of not complying with OSHA rules and regulations?

The actions of the employer determine the level of fines. Employee exposure, the hazard present, and the employer actions in making the company a safe place to work are key. Not complying can bring penalties ranging from $5 000 up to $70000 per violation.

What should a small business owner do to comply with OSHA requirements?

Perform a safety and health audit. This provides a mechanism in identifying, and evaluating what needs to be done. The audit program should include review of applicable documentation such as illness and injury reports, OSHA 300 logs, workers’ compensation files, hazard analysis, exposure data, past OSHA inspections, health and safety manuals, and training records. The audit should also include a walkthrough to indentify hazards in the workplace which also helps provide the person conducting the audit a better understanding of the business.

Lynda Foster Interviews Chris Head About Running For Delegate

I caught up Chris immediately after he announced his candidacy for Delegate representing the 17th District of Virginia. Chris and his wife Betsy own and operate a very successful regional small business called HomeInstead Senior Care. Here is Chris’s interview…

Synergy Member Chris Head Announces His Candidacy for Delegate


Save the date for Super Synergy event in Roanoke, VirginiaSuper Synergy 2011!

Synergy Select – Managing Multiple Priorities

Date: April 19, 2011 from 8:30 – 10:30 am

Location: F & W Building, on 419 in Roanoke, 1st floor conference room

Facilitators: Lynda McNutt Foster & Jim Patterson

Business Builders 1 – The New Rules of Marketing & PR

April 13, 2011 from 8:30 – 10:30 am

Location: Best Western, Valley View

Facilitator: Priscilla Richardson

Business Builders 2 – SEO, Blogging & Pay Per Click Strategies

April 12, 2011  from 8:30 – 10:30 am.

Location: Courtyard Marriott, Roanoke, Virginia

Facilitator: Brian Duvall, CEO – Duvall Media

Topic: SEO, Blogging & Pay Per Click strategies to increase your web traffic for online marketing. Bring your laptop if you have one. Interactive sessions include how to use the Google Keyword Tool, WordPress, and Facebook Ads.

Coaches – Writing The Right Bio

April 8, 2011 from 12:00 – 1:30 pm

Location: Riverlake Circle

Facilitator: Priscilla Richardson

April Synergy Spotlight Sponsor: Interview with Brian Duvall of Duvall Media

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Lynda: Hi, Brian. What do you see as the biggest mistake business owners make with their online marketing?

Brian: Great question, Lynda. The biggest mistake I see on most websites is that they spend too much time talking about themselves on the home page. Business owners want to tell the world how great their products, services, and staff are so they usually put it all on the front page. The problem is that the customer or prospect isn’t ready to read about how great you are just yet.

Have you ever met someone at a social gathering who spent their whole time talking about themselves? No matter how hard you try changing the subject they just keep talking about themselves. How does that make you feel? You can’t wait to get away from them, right? People respond to your website home page the same way.

Lynda: So what can we do to fix the problem?

Brian: I like to use a simple technique called the Golden Ratio to help me evaluate how effective the writing is in any of my marketing materials, including web pages. Here’s how it works. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle dividing the paper in half. On the left side write the words “You & Your.” Then on the right side write “I, Me, Mine, We, Our, Company Name & Logo”.

Then look at your marketing materials (your web page) and count the number of times you use the words You and Your and write that number on the left side. Then count the number of times your company name or logo and the words I, Me, Mine, We, and Our appear. Write that number on the right side of the page. The Golden Ratio is at least 3:1 You and Your to I, Me, Mine, We & Our. If it isn’t then you need to re-write your message. People want you to talk to THEM. They need to know that you understand what they need and want. They aren’t ready to hear about you yet so talk about them first so they WANT to stay and listen to you.

Lynda: Then where do we put all the stuff about ourselves and our company?

Brian: All the stuff about how great you are, how wonderful your product and services are, and how well trained your professional staff is goes on the About Us page. This tends to be the second most looked at page on your website. Grab people’s attention on the home page by making a compelling offer that will solve their problem or meet their needs then on the About page you show them why your company can deliver on the claim you made on the home page. The About page is where you offer PROOF.

Lynda: Wow. Great information, Brian. What else should we look for on our website?

Brian: There are three key elements you MUST have on your website if you want it to make money or generate leads for your business. The amazing thing is that more than 92% of the websites I review do NOT have these elements. All of my clients ask me to do an evaluation their website to improve its performance… make more money or get more leads. So, what I am offering visitors to the Synergy Sessions website for the month of April is a $300 Website Home Page Evaluation for FREE. There is no obligation to use my services. You will get a list of recommendation that you can take action on right away to immediately improve your website.

Grand Opening of the Entrepreneur Center in Roanoke, Virginia