Master’s Class Lunch With Lynda: Finding Your Social Media Sweet Spot

Master’s Class Lunch With Lynda: Identifying Your Persona & Developing Your Elevator Pitch

Part 1: Identifying Your Persona

Part 2: Developing Your Elevator Pitch

Master Class: Expand Your Potential

Hi, [wlm_firstname].

Welcome to the Master’s Class Kick-off session.

We’ll outline the framework that we’ll be using for our program together. We’ll work on helping you learn about your potential, what is holding you back and ways to start to expand your potential. We will also get to know all the other participants and start to learn about the resources available to you to help you achieve amazing results in 2012.

Homework to bring to class:

1.  What are three defining moments or points in your professional career that would help others to understand you and your outstanding skill sets better?

2.  What is your Super Power (remember Jeff’s speech)?  If you had to pick one thing that makes you, you and is really unique, what is that?

Lead instructor: Jeff Smith with Lynda McNutt Foster

The presentation and materials are provided below:

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Masters Class Retreat

This page will contain all of the videos from the Masters Class Retreat at Eagle Landing. Simply scroll down to see all of the available videos from that event.

Some session are shown in two parts to keep the video file sizes manageable. The breakout sessions, group exercises and the inner circle sessions were NOT video recorded.

Session 1: Part I on DISC Assessments

Session 1: Part II on DISC Assessments

Session 2 – Coming Soon


Master Class: Building and Maintaining Your Tribe

Welcome back, [wlm_firstname].

We’ll cover the key areas for developing a strong professional brand for you (your executive presence) and the leaders of your organization through your website, photographs, video, and social media.

You’ll learn how to develop a PR plan and what role social media can play in your strategies. We’ll help you create a plan for measuring your current customer experience and how to develop a customized plan to make it better and more profitable.

Class Materials & Worksheet

Lead instructor: Lynda McNutt Foster with Jeff Smith

Review of Key Points From Previous Sessions


Alignment & Authenticity


Creating Your Plan

Master Class: Crucial Conversations For Accountability

Hi, [wlm_firstname].

You’ll learn how to use coaching techniques with your team, how to have crucial conversations that build relationships and not break them, and how to develop a system of accountability for each of the key areas of focus for yourself and your business. Click to download the PowerPoint Slides & Notes. (pdf)

Instructor: Dr. David DeHaven

Master Class: From Due Diligence to Delegation (Mar 15, 2012)

Hi, [wlm_firstname].

You’ll learn the step-by-step process for selecting the right members for your team whether they are employees or vendors (your “tontos” as Kate calls them) and how to conduct due dilligence before hiring or partnering with them. Then you’ll discover the tools and techniques that will motivate and hold them accountable for the highest level work product possible.

Lead instructor: Kate Steinbacher with Jeff Smith

Master Class: Leading the Charge

Hi, [wlm_firstname].

Now it’s time for you to create a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (from Good to Great by Jim Collins) and how to lead the charge to obtain it.

You’ll learn how to create the excitement around it, motivate your team to be a part of it, identify the key areas of development for yourself and your key team leaders to focus on in the years ahead and finally, how to spot and develop future leaders in your organization.

Lead instructor: Jeff Smith

The presentation materials from this class will be available below:
Masters Class – Leading the Change May 2012 (pdf)

Course Review

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

What Is a BHAG?

Being A Leader


Grand Opening of the Entrepreneur Center in Roanoke, Virginia

Jennifer Walker of Balance Chiropractic & Wellness is Interviewed at the Business Accelerator Grand Opening