Brian Duvall

Coolest Internet ConsultantBrian started his professional career as a video and television producer / director where he won awards for his commercial and industrial videos through the mid to late 1980′s

In the early 90′s he served as National Sales Director for a Canada-based Investment Exchange company where he helped entrepreneurs raise more than $32 million in venture capital.

Brian served as the Executive Director of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce for more than 5 years where he hosted the daily t.v. show called Rise & Shine and established the Franklin County Micro-business program that helped more than 200 entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

Brian also served as the Executive Director of the Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce for more than 2 years where he created the Salem-Roanoke County Chamber Foundation that restored the old Carriage House in Longwood Park and he was named one of the region’s top 20 under 40 by the Blue Ridge Business Journal.

In 2006, he had the pleasure of serving as CEO of U.S. Operations for an international extreme sports company called Dirtsurfer where he set-up a national retail distribution network, online retail sales website and launched the online extreme sports magazine called Inline Boarder with a global readership… finally selling the business to a group of Canadian investors.

Brian currently owns Duvall Media, specializing in web video production and syndication, online sales and marketing, information product creation, social media campaign development and web consulting.

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