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Synergy Session

Participating in a Synergy Session group is easy and affordable.  The groups have been designed for busy small business owners and executives who are serious about creating wealth and success through their companies.  Each group meets no more than 9x per year (most groups meet an average of 8x per year)  for no more than 2 hours.  Most groups take the months of December, July and August off so that participants can focus on other obligations that occur during those months (like fun and family!).

Synergy Sessions are designed by and for small business owners.  Your participation fees are guaranteed!  If you are not completely satisfied after 5 meetings of any one Synergy Session group we will refund your money in full.

In just two hours you will engage with other small business owners in discussions and education on relevant topics that will help move your business ahead of your competition.  Synergy Sessions are special mastermind groups that have no more than 30 participants, each from non-competing small businesses. These unique groups meet only 8x per year at live events and 8x per year on teleconferences. They are local and affordable at only $249 for annual participation.  The purpose at each meeting is to give small business owners and executives the tools, tactics, and strategies they need using special synergy techniques.

As a Synergy Session participation you will be plugged into a network of professionals that are dedicated to the profitable success of their companies. Keith Ferrazi has said, “Learning goals emphasize acquiring new skills and knowledge to push and expand your skills and career forward. Often performance goals require new learning – and if you ignore that important part of the process, you’ll never achieve them.”

What’s included in a 2011 Synergy Session participation package?

-  8 meetings per year, 2 hours in length, with a professional educators and presentors focusing on a topic that will teach you the latest tools, tactics, and strategies for increasing revenue and profitability for you and your company.  These are intereactive talks with the purpose of the participants retaining and immediately implementing what they’ve learned.  Participants learn from one another during these sessions and collaborate to save themselves time and money in regard to marketing themselves and their business.

-  2 Synergy Session Socials for the purpose of networking the different Synergy groups together

Annual participation dues are only $299

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