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Dr. David DeHaven is a Featured Speaker at Synergy

David DeHaven, D3 Coaching

Dr. David DeHaven, D3 Coaching

David DeHaven of D3Coaching, has extensive executive coaching, management, and sales experience that he shares with his group and many other Synergy Session groups as a speaker.

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from George Mason University , an MBA from Auburn University and a Doctoral degree in Organization and Management/Leadership from Capella University. David’s PhD program and dissertation research focused on leadership for the 21st century knowledge age, organization, servant leadership, and the role of culture and change management in supporting IT initiatives.  David is also a Buzan Licensed Instructor, certified NLP Practitioner and a member of the International Coach Federation.

In addition to training and coaching, David is an accomplished executive with extensive experience in information systems, IT infrastructure and consulting services. Over his career David has held several executive positions including Chief Technology Officer for Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Sector, Chief Information Officer for CMR Institute, Intelligence Operations Director for Northrop Grumman TASC, Partner with Greenwich Technology Partners, and Vice President with First Union National Bank.  His work experiences have all allowed David to serve as a mentor and coach.

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Writing the Right Bio

Priscilla Richardson

Priscilla Richardson

by Priscilla Richardson, MA, JD ©2011

How do you write a SHORT bio?

You’ll find it very easy to write a long bio for Lynda. You go in order, starting with birth to the present, and list everything important. Complete? yes. Bo-o-oring? YES.

So how do you write a bio that gives the info to establish you as the expert you are and yet keep it SHORT? Start with your list of events from birth on. Just make a list, don’t worry about sentences. Then go thru the list and see what you can leave out – maybe the way you showed mechanical aptitude at age two with your toy wrench can go, but your sales record at Widget Inc. should stay.

Test every bit on the list for relevance. If your degree in physics boosts your authority about remodeling, use it. If not, don’t.
Consolidate others. Instead of separate items covering each of your education experiences, for example, say, “Upon graduation from college Sparky sold 16 thousand widgets in one year, beating the sales record to date.” For the most part, until you get to be President of General Motors, or the United States, leave out job titles. Include accomplishments.

OK, you’ve pared down your list.

Now, go to the WHY. Why should an audience member want to hear from you? Will she learn a skill? A new way to sell? Just what?
Take Sparky. “Sales whiz Sparky will share his way of getting a prospect to buy.” Or, “Sparky will give you a check list of ‘must do’s’ to get that sale.” Now, the listener is getting ready not just to listen but to listen and learn.

With these two: accomplishments, plus reasons for the audience to pay attention, you have the bones of a great SHORT bio. Then all you need is a little fun, a little extra, to make you both human and memorable. Maybe start with it, work it in, or end with it. But use it.

You’ll need SHORT bios for many different reasons, including your introduction before you speak. Play with them, tweak them. And let them show the fun part of you, too.

Don’t Waste Time Getting More Traffic To Your Website…

Using social media, email, direct mail, or other forms of promotion to drive more traffic to your website is a complete waste of time IF you haven’t done all you can to capture leads from the traffic you are already getting.

It would be like pouring water into a bucket full of holes. Your first priority should be to plug the holes in your website by improving the sales copy throughout your site, giving your visitors a compelling offer with a clear call to action and an easy way to claim your offer.

Then you need to test, tweak and test some more to improve the conversion rate of your website. Once you have that working, then go get more traffic… every way you can.

Jeanie Patterson Spotlight Sponsor – January 2011

 a continuation from WFIR interview with Jeanie Patterson on appreciation marketing.

What are some other tools to help businesses appreciate their customers?

Setting up customer reward systems.  Businesses keep track of what their customer buys and then rewards them based on the amount they are purchasing, like all of the major credit card companies do now.

Another good one is customer appreciate events.  Sometimes that can be as easy as an ice cream social.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, it just has to be executed in a way that your customers feel appreciated by you and your business.

Thanking and rewarding customers for their referrals.   Ignoring the work and effort it just saved you for having that new customer referred to you or business instead of having to go out and obtain it on your own, is worth a lot!

If your a business to business situation, offering to bring your customer a free lunch is very much appreciated.

Don’t forget that your customers have multiple choices of companies to do business with and it’s easier than easier to find them, so appreciate them.

For more information on appreciation marketing, contact Jeanie Patterson at or (540) 798-7282.

If you want to find out how SendOutCards can benefit your business to grow it’s appreciation marketing efforts, attend an learning session at the Holiday Inn, Tanglewood in Roanoke any 1st or 3rd Tuesday from 6:30p-7:30p.  The entry level package to get started using their system is only $99! 

Are you at a manic pace running your small business?

It’s our goal at Synergy to take manic small business owners and turn them into magic-makers. It’s the “magic” that you wanted to create when you first opened your small business that you’re probably missing. You wanted to succeed, have balance in your life, and find your true purpose, right? If you’re reading this than you probably know that there’s a tool or technique that might help you get back to the feelings you had when you started your business.

Do not let another month go by without finding out how Synergy can help you, like it has so many others, to not only grow their business but find their purpose and balance they were seeking.

Some of our business owners saw a 35% increase in 2010 in net profit! That’s money is on the bottom line, where it matters.