Are you a unicorn in a balloon factory?

I was listening to Tribes by Seth Godin recently and he talked about challenging the status quo in a company or in an industry.  He said that innovators are like a “unicorn in a balloon factory”.  The status quo doesn’t want us to change what they are doing or how they do it.  They walk around taking up as much space as they can and use words like tradition, say things like “that’s what has been successful for us in the past”.

Synergy participants are unicorns, not balloon factory workers.  Business owners in Synergy are innovators who know that learning is for a lifetime and have a strong desire to produce something more than profits – they want to make a difference.

Are you a unicorn?  If you are then you are going to love Synergy.  If you like to use the same, exact, tools that you have for years and years and believe those to be enough for your future success, then you’re probably not going to get why Synergy participants are just so proud of why they are involved in the program.

Tom Tanner is a FEATURED PRESENTER for Synergy Sessions in 2011

Your customers – Their smartphones – Can they find you?

Don’t guess or think that you have this.  Make sure that you do.  Here’s a great article with a quick check list.  Take just a minute, it’s worth it.

2011 can be better than 2010 – It’s Up To You!

What are your goals and aspirations?  If you are determined to achieve them, then sign up now for Synergy Sessions and get started in January, 2011.

It’s not too late to get connected, stimulated and inspired through these peer educational forums that make you dig deep and motivate you to move beyond your current success to a higher peak performance.

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