June Synergy Line-Up

Get ready for a great line-up in June for Synergy Sessions throughout the region.  You’re going to enter summer with a business plan to create success right where you are!  Sessions with Brian Duvall, Jeff Smith, Darin Britt, Patsy Stewart and Ira Kaufman await you.

You might just be a part of a new Synergy Mind concept we’ll spring on one of the groups in June.  It’s new, fun, and will help you break through barriers you might have even know where there.

Speakers Synergy is an amazing idea!

I don’t know how the other Synergy sessions are going (I’m sure they’re all great!); all I know is this that the Speakers Synergy one is such an AMAZING idea!!
     I love that when we get feedback from people who don’t have an agenda, other than to help each other!
Thanks for this great thing you do, and ALL the hard work!

Jeff Scot Philips, CN, PT

Teleclass was excellent!

I’m leading a team of three employees who write our content for our  
social media marketing and now I have a concrete outline for directing  
them, editing their work and the best part, the reasons WHY to do it  
this way.

I took five pages of notes during your 25 minutes of speaking.  It  
will be incredibly helpful in the long term for us.  Thank you for  
hosting such a valuable session, Brian!

Wine Gourmet

NRV quickly builds powerful relationships through Synergy

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing Synergy to the NRV. I am really looking forward to some powerful relationships. The synergy of the group already is really fun and interesting. Most of these people, I would never have the opportunity to meet and learn from– so thank you for that as well.”

Mandi Martinez
Practice Manager
Radford Animal Hospital

Synergy Teleclass was a great review

Charlotte Mason“I really enjoyed the teleclass.  I attended this class that Brian did at the Chamber, but, of course, that’s doesn’t mean I did everything he recommended!  So, the teleclass was a good review and reminder.  I really like having it at 12 noon so that I can participate in between appointments.”

Charlotte Mason
The Advantage Resource Group

Free Synergy Teleclass on May 25th

Lynchburg is set for Synergy Success!

Today we launched Synergy in Lynchburg and WOW, what a great reception we got from Lynchburg business entreprenuers!  We had a filled to capacity room of bright faces and smart executives who were focused on growing their companies.  We discussed Guerilla Marketing Tactics that Work and learned from one another.

I am so excited to bring Synergy to Lynchburg and appreciate all the effort of Niro and Paul with the Lynchburg Small Business Development Center who helped Angela Noel and I put on the event.

If you missed this event, there are 4 seats available for the series that continues on June 3rd with Internet Marketing as the topic and Brian Duvall as the presentor.  Contact Lynda Foster at lfoster@fasttraining.org or Angela Noel at (434) 401-4080 for more information.