FREE Teleclass for Synergy Participants April 22 at Noon

Join Lynda Foster and Brian Duvall for a FREE (to Synergy participants) 45 minute, Lunch and Learn, teleclass beginning at Noon on April 22nd.  You’ll receive a review of the main themes of the Internet Class that focused on Effective Copywriting for your website, landing page, and internet marketing.  You willl have an opportunity to ask questions and Synergize with the presentors and other participants.. all over the phone.  YOU MUST RSVP to attend.

Brian Duvall, Duvall MediaLynda McNutt Foster, Director

NRV Launches on April 22nd

Are you successful enough?  If you live, work, or are looking to expand your business in the New River Valley, join Darin Britt for the Success Synergy launch on Thursday, April 22, 2010 from 8:30a-10:30a at the Holiday Inn Blacksburg for a free introduction to this Success Synergy Session Group.  Lynda McNutt Foster, Director of FastTraining and Client Marketing Strategies for Wheeler Broadcasting, Brian Duvall of Duvall Media and Darin Britt of TIED to Success will give a quick fire presentation that will quickly move you to a higher level of success!

You’ll learn how to use targeted and strategic tools like social media, internet marketing, facebook advertising, google pay-per-click, and mass media cost effectively for the highest possible results.  You’ll see local, case studies on recent campaigns and the types of results you can expect.

Synergy Sessions are interactive learning environments designed for the small business owner that feels like knowledge is the key to success.

Contact Darin Britt at to reserve your seat for this meeting.

Not to late to get Synergized for 2010 Season!

If you haven’t visited a Synergy Session this year, it’s not too late to get signed up.  Contact any of the Leaders, Synergy Session Superstars listed on the GROUPS pages or Lynda Foster at to get information.  Synergy is unlike any other organization in our region and has a track record of helping business owners and executives grow their revenues, contacts, and collaborations.

Synergy is not a networking group… quick the opposite.  Synergy creates an environnment of learning for business owners and executives interested in growing themselves and their company’s profitability through knowledge and collaborations.