Website is up!

Finally… I’ve learned how to create a blog!  It’s taken months of instruction from Fredy (our on-site guru for this sort of thing) and our collaborative guru, Brian Duvall.  With their patience and tutoring, we now have the new Synergy Session website up and running.  The reps that have worked so hard to help pull all the groups together have been angels and patient as well.  No – it’s not perfect yet as Fredy has to come back from paternity leave and make it even better and more beautiful, but now Synergy Session participants have a home they can go to and find out: [Read more...]

Wine Gourmet – A toast

Kimberly Eakin owns and operates Wine Gourmet with an enthusiasm and zest for customer service that is infectious to her customers, staff, and other business owners!  Her shop is filled with a wide variety of wines for any budget along with providing great selections in the non-alchoholic category as well.  Her wine classes fill up quickly as her top-notch staff of professionals provide every customer with the finest education and assistance in selecting the perfect pairing for any occassion.  If you’re searching for the best enhancement to your next dinner party, event, or just a quiet evening, I encourage you to shop local and visit Wine Gourmet.