Live Solid Gets It Right!

SunTrust announced it’s newest installment in customer care and service.  They have put their resources and money where it counts in the new information website for consumers…!  What fun!  I loved the interactive surveys and calculators throughout the website.  It was easy to navigate and to understand.  I learned all kinds of things about diet, exercise, investing, and lots of other valuable aspects of my managing my life.  YEAH for SunTrust in spending time and money to serve us far beyond the front steps of their branches.

I Broke The Cycle!

WOW!  What an impact the recent Break The Cycle weekend “retreat” had on me when I attended a few weeks ago.  I think I’ve  been pretty good about staying in shape for the last 3 years and doing a fair job with my diet, but this seminar by FitStudio 365 had a big impact on me.  On the first night Jeff Philips made us aware of what our emotions mean.  Like when we’re angry (and I know how to do that one well) that means that we feel like someone has violated one of our rules.  I had never looked at it like that before.  I thought I was just pissed off and needed to get over it or go into a calm state of mind to move away from the feeling.   The tie-in was that our emotions will lead to distructive behaviors and we also need to use them to motivate us sometimes.

The second day was spent learning our way around the grocery store by Dorothy Shaver, the registered Dietician for Kroger.  She’s not only cute as a button, and walks her talk (what I would give to have that awesome Yoga body), but man, has what she taught us really stuck with me.  She not only showed us how to be more mindful in the way we ate, but she took us through a tour of the most imporant isles of the store and taught us how to read labels and choose the best foods to nourish us.  It was a real eye opener.  I’ve already changed the way I shop.  The same day we got to taste some of the healthy foods she was showing us at a cooking demonstration at Foodies.  Emily Sesler was a great host and Dorothy whipped up some things that I loved and helped me learn what I didn’t particularly care for so I wouldn’t waste my money purchasing those items.

The last few hours focused on our body image and how we could change that.  I was surprised to learn that my self talk about my body was not has positive and up lifting as I would have thought.  All my coaching training and education was finally pulled together by Jeff and Dorothy as they led us through an exercise that you’d have to experience yourself to explain.

Robyn Goodpasture, who is one of my favorite people on the planet, was a gentle, guiding and positive presence through the whole experience.  Her servant attitude and kind encouragements to attendees was felt and appreciate by me and my daughter Melody who shared the experience with me.

What a blessing the weekend was!  Make the time to attend the next one.  It will definitely break your cycle.

New River Valley Sponsor

Radford University Small Business Development Center

RU Small Business Development Center gets Synergized!

We’re excited to celebrate the recent collaboration between the Radford University Small Business Development Center and the Success Synergy Group in New River Valley!  This groups kicks off it’s Synergy Season February 4, 2010, and invites guests to join them.  A location is being determined this week and we are looking forward to setting the topics for this new Synergy group.  Participants the Success Synergy group will be challenged to create higher levels of success after learning the tools, techniques, and skills presented by exciting educators from our local region.

Click here for your free guest pass to the February 4, 2010 meeting and join Darin Britt’s Success Synergy Session group in the New River Valley this season.

Radford University Small Business Development Center

Lauren McMillan gets appointed Ambassador

A huge shout out about our Young Professionals Synergy Workshop Leader, Lauren McMillan.

Lauren just got appointed a Radford University Centennial Ambassador for her class year (graduating class of 2008) As a Centennial Ambassador, Lauren will represent Radford at Charter Day on March 24, 2010, and her name will be included as part of Radford’s history when it is placed in documents for the University’s archives and the Radford City Centennial Time Capsule.  WHOO HOO, Lauren!

1 plus 1 equals 3 – That’s Synergy!

Join successful small business owners and executives for Synergy Session groups that will challenge you to reach your highest level goals, make more profit in less time, and create meaningful connections that will grow your business.

David DeHaven of D3 Coaching is fantastic!

You can not build a new enterprise alone.  You just can’t!  You have to have people in your corner willing to help you and your business grow.  The coaching I have received from David has been a key part of building my skills and the Synergy Session program.  David has, on countless occassions, offered me counsel and advice that has propelled the project forward in ways I could not have seen without him.  In fact, in one of our sessions last year he asked me one simple question that was the inspiration for all that was to be created through numerous collaborations that have now been built.

David has also been a strong supporter of Synergy by giving great presentations to our groups last season, at Super Synergy last October, and to upcoming group sessions in 2010.  I love to hear his presentations and learn from each one.  I hope you’ll find time to take advantage of his gift certificate of a free executive coaching session that you’ll receive as part of your new participation package in 2010.  When you do, let me know if you come to rely on him the way I have.

Brian Duvall – coolest internet consultant!

I have to give a HUGE shout out to Brian Duvall of Duvall Media for his help to create this website.  He spent countless hours training and tutoring me at all times of the day and night.  When I thought I was going to loose my mind he would rush in and save my sanity.  He was not only knowledgeable and gave great suggestions on how to set things up, but was also patient and kind in the process (even when I wasn’t!).

I have enjoyed his presentations to the Internet Marketing Synergy Session group and look forward to attending all the future ones.  I am learning a great deal from him and that group.  I am now addicted to recommending and using Brian for assistance with internet marketing through video and the newest tools and techniquest in generated on-line leads for small business owners.  I promise, there’s no way you aren’t going to love this guy!




Sponsor: Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center

Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center

Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center