Live and local training for small business owners

If you own a small business or manage one, and are having any degree of success, you probably don’t have the time to go back to college to learn all the things you need to know to run your business today.  You need to know about internet marketing and how it can effect your bottom line, management techniques and strategies for hiring the right people, sales and lead generation tools that work in today’s marketplace to grow your business quickly, which accounting software works best, etc.

We get that and understand where you’re at!  You also don’t have time to spend hours looked at video on the internet just to find out that you STILL don’t understand what they’re talking about.

Synergy Sessions are for you.  They are live and local!  They are only 2 hours in length and they cut right to the chase on what it is you need to know about the topics that effect you and your business right now.

Click around on the site and learn more.  I promise you’re going to enjoy how much you learn and how quickly you will learn it through the Synergy techniques we use in the sessions.


Contact Lynda McNutt Foster for more information at or call (540) 815-1300.

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Contact a real live person when you call us at (540) 815-1300.  You’ll reach me, Lynda Foster, Director of and creator of Synergy Sessions.  If you don’t get me immediately, leave a message and I’ll get back with you asap.  You can also try me at

There’s lots of great leaders associated with Synergy Sessions and fantastic account executives that are here to help you grow your business.  If you haven’t visited there might be some good reference sites and resources that will help move you forward.  We do believe, though, that the best and quickest way to grow your revenues and profits in 2010 is participanting a Synergy Session group.  In fact, we guarantee it!

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Speaking for profits – Participate in Jim’s Synergy Sessions

WordPress has three heads!

How to use  YES!  There are three different types of WordPress’.  I know… who knew?  If you just want to fool around with a personal blog, just go to and set up a quick blog and get started, but if you have a domain name you want to use like I did,, then I had to set that puppy up by going to  Actually, I bypassed that all together and went to and bought this super cheap website hosting accounting and had that site upload WordPress for me… much easier!

This stuff will drive you completely nuts if you have an entreprenuer mind like mine.  It’s taken me months to learn enough to even know this much.  I’ll keep passing along knowledge as I get it because small business owners really need to be learning about this WordPress hysteria that’s going on.  Everyone is all distracted by Facebook and the truth is that the business applications for a blog in WordPress will grow businesses much faster.

A huge THANK YOU to one of our Synergy Session leaders, Brian Duvall, for all his help answering all of my questions.

Synergy Sessions: All a small business owner needs in 2010

Synergy Sessions are groups of small business owners and executives.  The sessions are two hours long and focus on education, collaboration and motivation in order to grow the revenue and profits for their companies.  The sessions contain 2 interactive exercises where business owners and executives learn and share with eachother components of the topic for that session. 

Participants of Synergy Sessions choose from groups in Roanoke like Internet Marketing, Social Media, Coaches, Residential/Commercial Services, Speaking/Presenting, Health & Wellness, Home Based Business, Fitness, New Innovators, and Success Synergy in the New River Valley.